Poodle Grooming in Graham, NC

We are one of the best Poodle groomers in the area and offer several options.

Did You Know?

Poodles have fur similar to human hair. It never stops growing!Poodle fur changes as the dog matures and needs specialized attention to maintain a healthy coat and style.

Lamb Cut

The body is clipped short and tight. The legs are scissored slightly longer to keep the legs looking a little fuller. Suggested professional grooming to maintain this cut is every 4 to 6 weeks.

Puppy Cut

A ‘Puppy cut’ is an even length all over the body, hand scissored longer than a blade can cut. A ‘Puppy cut’ can be anywhere from an inch or more hair left on the dog. This is a high maintenance cut. Regular brushing must be done at home between groomings to keep the coat from matting and having to be shaved off. Recommend professional grooming is every four weeks to keep this cut maintained.

English Saddle

The English saddle clip is similar to the continental, except for the hindquarters, which are not shaved except for a small, curved area on each flank (just behind the body), the feet, and bands just below the stifle (knee) and above the hock, leaving four (4) pompons.

Scandinavian Cut

The face, throat, underside or belly, feet and base of the tail are shaved up to seven days before the show.  This allows for a small amount of growth to get a nice, smooth appearance of the shaved areas. The hair on the head is left to form a “topknot” which is fixed in place using latex bands.  This is the most common cut for all sizes of show Poodles throughout Europe.  It is also known as the ‘Second Puppy Clip.’

German Cut

The German Trim can be very appealing to those owners who don’t care for a traditional poodle style. It’s perfect for Poodle owners who want “something different,” or “something less formal.”

Continental Cut

In the continental clip, the face, throat, feet and part of the tail are shaved. The upper half of the front legs is shaved, leaving “fluffy pompons” around the ankles. The hindquarters are shaved except for pompons on the lower leg (from the hock to the base of the foot) and optional round areas (sometimes called “rosettes”) over the hips. The continental clip is the most popular show clip today.

Certified Poodle Groomers

We care about providing high professional standards when it comes to grooming your dog!If you're favorite groom style wasn't listed above, just let us know what you're looking for!