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Free Consultations

Every visit begins with a one on one consultation. We will check out the condition of your dog’s coat, discuss the daily environment of your dog, listen to your needs and wishes, and recommend an appropriate cut that suits both you and your best friend. Our dog washing service and dog grooming is personalized so that your best friend enjoys the experience. Stop in anytime and visit your pet and our dog groomers! We love to see you come almost as much as your dog!

Dog Washing Services


Bathing & Drying | Brushing | Ear Cleaning &  Ear Hair Removal | Nail Clipping & Filing

Full Dog Grooming Services

Full Package Grooming

  • Ear cleaning and ear hair removal
  • Nail clipping & filing
  • Bathing & Drying
  • Shaving under-paws of feet
  • Coat Cutting
  • Styling

Grooming Services are not offered on Wednesdays.

Shampoo and Bath

A warm sudsy bath with a nice massage sounds great, right? We treat your dog to shampoos and treatments designed to clean the coat and help with any skin issues that may exist.  Not to mention, every dog loves a massage!

Whitening Treatment

Dogs with white fur can look dingy and lose their luster.  We use a special whitening shampoo that will help bring back their white and bright coat without damaging their skin.

Conditioning Treatment

Chronic coat issues, like fur that stays matted and tangled, can be treated with a deep conditioning treatment. This helps us comb out their coats in less time and with less discomfort to your best friend!

Nail Trimming & Filing

This is a crucial part of your pets grooming and comfort. Long nails can cause pain, discomfort, arthritis and infections, so every service we provide includes this basic step. We also offer nail trimming between pet grooming visits, if needed.

Dry or Oily Skin/Coat Treatment

Dogs fur, like human hair, can be too dry or too oily.  Dry coats can often be very itchy and uncomfortable.  Oily fur may smell bad and be hard to keep clean.  We use shampoos that will help your pet find a happy and healthy balance.

Ear Cleaning

This is also included in every service we offer and is essential for your dogs overall ear health.

Self Bathing


For our self-bathing customers, we provide Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, towels, brushes, and ear cleaning supplies. You can also use our tables and dryers!

And if you need help with nail trimming, our assistants can help you.

Use of Flea Shampoo, Medicated Shampoo, Shed Control Products, or nail trims will be an added cost.

Additional Services