Doggie Daycare in Graham, NC

We offer Doggie Daycare for your pups, and provide both indoor and outdoor space.

Bring Your Pup to Spend the Day!

Need some time to be pup-free? Whether you're heading to work for the day or just need to spend a couple of hours running errands, you can trust our staff to treat your dog with love and care. Let us have fun with your friends when you can't. We offer both inside and outside play areas. Doggie daycare is not only fun for your dog, but it also teaches them valuable socialization skills. We take dogs of various sizes and play styles. The dogs are constantly monitored by one of our trained staff.

Effective 2022Daycare register update:

Wednesday the daycare department will be the only area of Puppy Love open for business.  You will need to register by 3PM the Tuesday Prior for your baby to attend daycare on Wednesday’s.  This allows Puppy Love to be properly staffed for Wednesday daycare.  All other days of the week will remain the same No preregistering is required.

Doggie Day Care Pricing 

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7:30am to 6pm

Purchase of 3 days or more will be a $3.00 deduction in daily rate

We focus on re-enforcing good behaviors and correcting poor behaviors.

Indoor Play at Puppy Love -N- Style

Indoor Play

Our indoor play space is climate controlled and open to the groom shop with a half wall keeping everyone right where they need to be. Even if the weather is bad, your pup has a safe environment to play.
Outdoor Play at Puppy Love -N- Style

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor space is completely fenced-in, so all our pups can run and play while staying within safe boundaries. We offer pool time and have activity equipment to engage each dog’s imagination.

Doggie Daycare Policies

We want day time play to be fun for everyone.

Is your pup ready to play?

Rest assured that our doggie daycare program offers lots of playtime and personal attention for your pup!