Hot Spots come from anything that irritates or breaks the skin and a build up of moisture under the coat – causing bacteria to grow. During the summer months we as groomers see this more and more due to the moisture from licking or biting of the skin, humidity, swimming, wet grass – basically activities that can cause moisture under the coat.

When moisture is trapped and the skin becomes irritated you have the opportunity for a Hot Spot to develop.

Here are some steps to treat a Hot Spot:

  • Trim the area around the Hot Spot: At Puppy Love -N- Style, we can shave the area out to allow it to breath and dry out
  • Keep the area clean with a mild water-based astringent or antiseptic spray, or even a medicated shampoo – and pat dry
  • Apply hydrocortisone spray or cream to the area (see your Vet for a prescription)
  • Prevent your dog from biting or licking the area – you want to try to keep this area dry so it can heal and to eliminate any additional irritation to the effected area
  • Keep an eye on the area: If left untreated, it can spread as most bacteria will do.

If a Hot Spot continues to worsen, we would encourage you to visit the Vet immediately.