Brittany Thress

Office Assistant

I’m from Lancaster, OH. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and I’m very close with my family.

I love animals. In fact, I have 3 Pitbulls of my own. They’re rescues and the biggest babies!

I learned about Daphne’s shop when a  friend of mine called me as I was packing up my home in Ohio. I started working on March 17, 2015. I’m Daphne’s assistant for both of her companies. I help with her accounting and bookkeeping, and in the groom shop on certain days.

I love all dogs but I find the “big block head” dogs the cutest. My 3 Pitbulls are named Sapphire, Zulu, and Bain. They’re great, loyal and loving dogs.

If I could give dog owners one piece of advice, it would be: “Just give your dog unconditional love.”


Why Should Pup Owners Choose Puppy Love -N- Syle?

Daphne has a way of handling dogs. She has a calming energy about her. She’s driven, focused and cares more about the dogs than herself. She goes above and beyond, and it shows so much about her character. I would recommend her skills to anyone.

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Areas Served

We offer dog grooming services at our location in Graham, NC and serve pups and their families from Greensboro to Hillsborough. We love meeting new pups, and highly recommend that you call our shop to schedule an appointment or fill out our online form.